Tuesday, December 7, 2010

3rd Semiannual Bay Area Population Genomics Conference

The schedule for BAPG III at Stanford is all set. This time and hopefully in the future BAPG is sponsored by the Ecology and Evolution Group at the Stanford Biology Department. We have an exceptional lineup of speakers from Berkeley, UC Santa Cruz and Stanford. The meeting will start at 9AM with coffee and will end with lunch and a poster session.
9:30 AM Rachel Brem, UC Berkeley
Pathway evolution in Saccharomyces
10:00 AM Dario Valenzano, Stanford
Genetic Architecture of longevity in the short-lived fish
Nothobranchius furzeri
10:30 AM Paul Jenkins, UC Berkeley
A new approach to computing likelihoods in population genetics models
with recombination
11:30 AM Jared Wenger, Stanford
Adaptive mutations effect minimal trade-offs across the yeast adaptive
12:00 PM Ed Green, UC Santa Cruz
Recent human evolution as revealed by ancient hominin genome

For additional information (schedule, parking, registration, poster lineup), the latest news and the videos of the presentation after the conference please go to

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